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Planning and content are the two things that are most crucial to any successful event production. At On we provide that vital support prior to the event that makes it all seem so effortless on the day

Design and visualisation

Sure we've got great case studies, but how does your event look? Well, we'd like to know that too! Once the concepts and production methods are decided we create 2D and 3D renders and fly-throughs so they can be tested and experimented with to achieve maximum impact.

The ability to translate your event from script to screen is something we pride ourselves on, so let On help you engage your audience with a creative approach.

Presentation design

We've all experienced 'death by PowerPoint' at some time in our lives and, amazingly, people still do it. Don't be one of those people.

In short, if the content and messages at your event aren't engaging they won't be remembered and neither will your event.

We can deliver animation, PowerPoint, Keynote and video production to a highest standard which enhances your message and ensures it's as accessible and engaging as possible (and your delegates won't be sleeping through your presentation!).

Video production

Even if you don't fancy yourself on the big screen, grabbing people's attention and keeping the energy at an event high is crucial. This is easier when you use media such as video and animation to bring your message to life.

As part of our end to end service we have created video content for some of our clients' most pivotal launches and presentations and, because we don't supply the broadcast industry, we are completely fit for both purpose and budget.

Creative Installations

The more creative the event, the more we love being involved!

Our clients' requests often throw us a few curve-balls, but we like nothing more than getting our creative juices flowing.

“Do you think it would be possible to build a zombie drive-in cinema using derelict cars in the middle of a field in Gloucestershire?” is one such example, but we did it and we did it in style, snatching the Guinness World Record for the 'largest collection of zombies in one place' along the way.

So if you want an event that can be seen from space or a Faraday cage that electrocutes guests (in complete safety) with one million volts of lighting you know where to come. 

Give On a call and we'll put together a concept that will blow your mind

Private Functions

If you want people to remember your party or function for the right reasons then it's time to hire On

We bring our extensive knowledge of designing and producing events large and small, plus anything else you could need to make the night go with a bang. Over the years we've created everything from pop-up nightclubs in warehouses to seriously swanky black-tie events in marquees – nothing excites us like a challenge!

Get in touch with our team if you're planning an event, together we can make it into something people will talk about for years to come.

Corporate Events

  • Clockwork efficiency – check!
  • Imagination and creative drive – check!
  • Professionalism – check!
  • Care and attention to detail – check!
  • Experience of producing events for global brands – check!

...we could go on. The important thing is that hiring On means your delegates, whether they've come from down the road or down under, won't be met with anything less than a stand out production handled by a team of experienced professionals.

The team at On have been on both sides of the fence and know that our clients don't want a load of baffling tech speak, they want clear communication and military precision.

As our case studies demonstrate, On has produced some of the most spectacular corporate events our clients have ever hosted, both in the UK and overseas. We've been there every step of the way and have worked with them to overcome the challenges each event throws up from acoustics to logistics.

If some of the biggest brands in the world trust us, isn't it time you considered who could make your event really stand out?

Music & Performance

Here at On, we simply live and breathe live events

Our clients know that we will take the worry away from their planning. Instead of thinking “will it work?”, our clients are free to concentrate on making their show as awesome as possible.

We can support your event from initial idea to final debrief and have the knowledge, skills and equipment to bring it all to life, from small shows for a few thousand people to major events attracting 20,000 plus.

Our understanding of the dynamics of live performance has been built up over decades of frontline experience and we know that every seat needs to be as immersed in the show as possible, it's what we do – day in, day out.

We have a team of creative designers, engineers and production managers who are as passionate about your event as you are, why not give us a call?

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